Komikon Indieket 2012: Celebrating Independent Filipino Comic Creators

When in Manila, you will find some of the most talented comic book artists in the world!

Since the 1970’s, Filipino comic artists have taken the international comic scene by storm, gracing the pages of comic giants such as DC and Marvel. To celebrate this wealth of homegrown Filipino talent, the hugely successful, bi-annual Komikon aims to further promote the comics industry in the Philippines. This year, the convention launches the Komikon Indieket which caters to the skyrocketing number of independent, or “indie,” Filipino comic creators emerging on the scene.



Word mash up of the day: Indieket = “indie” + “market”

Hosted at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig, the Komikon Indieket 2012 overflowed with Filipino comic creators and enthusiasts marking a successful debut event. JB (a comic book creator too!) and I (a comic noob) had the opportunity to attend the Indieket; and staying true to the true spirit of the indie comic artist, we felt that there was no better way to share our experiences at the Komikon Indieket 2012 other than through (you guessed it) a comic!

*disclaimer: persons illustrated in the following comic are much better looking in real life.

So those were the highlights I experienced at my first ever Komikon Indieket . Let’s wrap things up with  JB Gamboa and his take on the difference between male and female comic book fans.:

When in Manila, you will find all kinds of creativity and even world class talent emerging from our home grown comic artists at the Komikon Indieket. Experience it for yourself at the next Komikon! Stay up to date through their website and facebook pages listed below:





Komikon Indieket

Komikon Official Website

Komikon Facebook Page

For illustrations/collaborations/ writing, please visit:

JB Gamboa

Ida Noelle

Komikon Indieket 2012: Celebrating Independent Filipino Comic Creators 


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