Kobe Bryant’s Teammate Auctioned His Championship Rings–Here’s How Much They Sold For

Basketball championship rings are famously adorned with diamonds and gilded in the likeness of their owners. They’re personal, valuable, and deeply symbolic of hard work paying off. Not to mention–they’re easy on the eyes.

Kobe Bryant’s (RIP) teammate, Lamar Odom, parted with his 2009 and 2010 back-to-back championship rings back in 2015, when he was struggling with addiction. It took a while for them to hit auction pages, but as soon as they did, people were guessing and calculating that they could skyrocket in price to about $50,000 a piece. Which would, of course, yield $100,000 if they both go for that much. That’s a lot of money.

Well, it finally happened. The rings went up for auction and about 10 bidders for each ring got the prices up pretty high. The 2009 ring was sold for $33,000 and the 2010 ring was sold for $65,000. Not quite the same as the approximate price, but together, pretty close to the joint guess.

Those are some pretty iced out rings, wouldn’t you say?

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