Kobe Bryant, D’Angelo Russell out; Lakers Trail Behind Warriors.

With Kobe Bryant and D’Angelo Russell out of play, it was Jordan Clarkson who led the Lakers against the Warriors tonight.

But the reigning champions, who has only incurred two losses in 35 games in the season, proved to be a strong match against Clarkson and the Lakers, beating them 109-88.

LakersWarriorsPhoto Credits to: @Warriors/twitter

Jordan Clarkson scored 23 points, five boards, and two assists for the Lakers. While Louis Williams made 10 points and two rebounds to follow next to him.

The Lakers trailed behind the Warriors all night, with Klay Thompson, Brandon Rush playing early to give the Warriors a comfortable lead.

At the half, the Warriors were up 62-47.

The Warriors pulled one last strong play in the third to push for a 32-point lead, 92-60. entering the fourth, they played comfortably, while the Lakers struggled for points. The Lakers made 28 points in the fourth, while the Warriors only made 17.

Thompson took the lead for the Warriors in tonight’s game, scoring 36 points and two rebounds. Stephen Curry, who is still suffering from his shin injury, only pulled 17 points.

He left the game after the third quarter due to his injury acting up.

The Warriors will be at Portland on Friday. While the Lakers play at Sacramento on Thursday.


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