LOOK: You Can Now Get Healthy Snack Boxes Delivered to Your Doorstep

Do you have a hard time finding healthy snacks? Or maybe you simply don’t know which ones to get since you’ve never looked into healthy snacks before. KKDay now makes things easier by offering healthy snack boxes on your website that you can have delivered straight to your doorstep.

With the high demand for healthy snack boxes nowadays, Raw Bites has specially curated both locally made and imported snacks (from the UK) at a reasonable price. This way, you can snack on delicious goodies while binge-watching your favorite shows or movies without the guilt! Check them out:

Raw Bites’ UK Imported Healthy Snack Box

Depending on your budget and snacking needs, you can choose whether you want your Raw Bites box to have 4, 6, 7, or 8 treats inside! I got the one with 7 treats at Php1,119; and here’s what was inside:

Virtue Energy Sparkling Water and Dash Fruit Infused Sparkling Water

Both of these drinks have zero sugar and zero calories in them, yet add a bit of fun by offering fruity flavors for a dash of extra deliciousness in every sip.

Corkers Cheese and Onion Potato Crisps and The Giving Tree Freeze Dried Mango Crisps

Taking our health into utmost consideration, Corkers’ chips are cooked in 100% olive oil, but still have a strong flavor that won’t make you miss regular chips in any way. Since we live in the Philippines, dried mango chips aren’t new to us. However, The Giving Tree uses a special freeze drying and vacuum frying process to ensure that their chips retain 100% of their nutrition. Amazing!

Fruit Bowl Raspberry Flakes

These flakes are made with concentrated fruit purees and fruit juices that are fun to snack on anytime and anywhere. It has also been approved by the Vegetarian Society!

Mr Filbert’s Sea Salt and Herb Mixed Nuts and a Pulsin Fruit and Nut Bar

For those who love snacking on nuts, you’ll love the delightful combination of cashews, almonds, and roasted peanuts with sea salt found in the Mr Filbert’s pack. The Pulsin Bar, on the other hand, is a naturally sweet snack that you can enjoy even on the go.

You may order the UK imported healthy snack box here.

Raw Bites’ Local Philippine Healthy Snack Box

For the local snack box, you can support local and get a box filled with 4 treats from the Philippines for only Php619.

Here’s what’s inside:

Just Fruit Freeze Dried Pineapple

Aside from keeping us healthy with snacks that are all fruit and no junk, Just Fruit also makes it a point to keep the economy healthy by supporting and sourcing from our local farmers. I love them!

Oh So Healthy! Coconut Purple Yam Banana Crisps

Another one of my favorites is Oh So Healthy’s snacks. Fun, nutritious, and made from 100% real fruits; they also have a ton of flavors available. My personal favorite is their kimchi variant; but I love this one, as well!

Raw Bites Coated Cacao Nibs

If you’re craving for chocolate, try this pack of sweet and indulgent cacao nibs instead. These cacao nibs are full of nutrients, antioxidants, flavonoids, and fiber; and are downright delicious!

Chicharooms Mushroom Chips

With zero salt and zero MSG, and made with organic hand-picked fresh oyster mushrooms; Chicharooms’ Mushroom Chips are the perfect healthy and flavorful snack.

You may order the local Philippine snack box here.

How awesome is it that you can get a whole box of healthy snacks delivered straight to your doorstep nowadays? No need to wonder where you can find them or leave the safety on your home anymore! That’s not all, either! KKDay has a whole bunch of other offerings that you are sure to enjoy while we continue to get used to this ‘new normal’. Check out the other awesome stuff – including DIY leather products and BTS merch – that KKDay has to offer here.

Where do you get your healthy snacks from? Let us know in the comments! 🙂

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