Kings of the Court Season 4 Tournament


Kings of the Court or more popularly known as KOTC is a basketball organizing service that sets up basketball tournaments of their own or for other companies.
18 months ago, it was a tournament with 8 teams. Today, strengthening its goal of providing the best and most exciting basketball enthusiasts, Kings of the Court is about to commence its fourth and biggest season with more than 84 participating teams across 5 divisions starting August 2015.

With its vision of becoming the #1 basketball league for non-professional and semi-professional ballers, KOTC has tapped as its digital media partner to bring its brand of basketball to national conscience. Through this collaboration, every big victory and every milestone will be read and heard across the country.

Follow this newest chapter in the Kings of the Court history:
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Twitter: kingsofcourtph
Instagram: kingsofthecourtph

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