Kind Traffic Enforcer in Ortigas Deserves to be Commended

Have any of you ever gotten caught simply because you were unfamiliar with the road? Of course, ignorance is not an excuse but sometimes we wish the traffic enforcers would also understand how stressful we already were simply because we were lost. In the few times this has happened to me or friends, the traffic enforcer would simply ignore your dilemma and issue you a ticket. It cheers me to know however that somewhere in Ortigas, this traffic enforcer opts to do his job RIGHT.


Check out this story by Geleen Sangalang.

Kind Traffic Enforcer


“I had a traffic violation today because I didn’t know my way to BGC. Since I admit that it’s really my fault, I immediately gave my driver’s license to TPMO Forte. No questions asked as I don’t want to go the route of bribing him. In fairness to Kuya, he sketched the easiest way to BGC, discussed with me the do’s and don’ts and handed me back my license. I honestly didn’t expect that! I literally applaud him for not requesting for any bribe and he explained to me that his job is to help and guide people. Kudos to this traffic enforcer! He deserves this commendation! God bless you and your family Kuya! You gained my respect! ‪#‎GoodJob‬ ‪#‎TPMO‬ ‪#‎Ortigas‬

Hats off to you sir! It’s really a very small thing, but if only more enforcers would start to listen and do their job right, then they might actually help more people.

What do you think of this story? Have you been in a similar situation?