Kimcheeze: A Korean Take on the Famous Sushi Bake

As a foodie, I got worried about my food choices during quarantine. Where’s the excitement in food deliveries? What’s to experience in them, anyway? We are all inclined to think out of the ordinary and redefine our food experience, though. My first step in the process was to check out social media.What excited me was the fact that food sellers were all thinking out of the box and redefining their food concepts. This re-ignited my excitement for food. And so, I started my lockdown Discovery Eats Experience.

The sushi-bake craze has recently flooded my social pages lately. Although the deconstructed food concept seemed interesting, it didn’t really get to me… until I discovered Kimcheeze, that is.


I have always loved Korean food. Talk about samgyupsal grilling with sides like kimchi. So when I came across Kimcheeze’s Instagram page, it got me thinking. How is it even possible to wrap kimchi rice in nori sheets topped with cheesy sauce and chicken bites? That’s my favorite food deconstructed into one bite! Technology made things easy and quick. A couple clicks. A few message exchanges. And ta-da! Kimcheeze, just go to my doorstep.

What started from scratch and turned into an interesting concept, Kimcheeze is a go-to Korean snack that emulates the samgyupsal dine-in experience. Think layers of kimchi rice (with an option for spiciness levels), cheese sauce (you may request for cheese add-ons), and dakgangjeong chicken bites. It’s cool how dine-in and snacking are put into one bite. Owner Ze Lopez shares that it was just random idea while having dinner. More than just the concept and taste, she believes it’s their value for their customers when it comes to delivery that makes Kimcheeze stand out.


My overall taste-test score: I give it 4 scoops out of a 5. ????

This is a must-try!

So how does it work? You first scoop a spoonful of the kimchi rice, cheese, and dakgangjeong chicken bites. Then, you wrap it around a nori sheet. And then, you toss it in your mouth. Munch! Yum.




You can get the Classic Kimcheeze for Php270 and the Kimcheeze with Dakgangjeong Chicken Bites for Php300. You may opt to add more cheese, chicken bites, or nori sheets, as well.


Lockdowns will never stop a foodie like me from exploring food in the comfort of my home. What’s nice is that you get to discover not just the taste, but the gastronomic experience that I usually look for outside. And I think Kimcheeze did that.

Until my next Discovery Eats!



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