Kim Yong-Hwa’s ‘The Moon’: What It’s About and Why You Need to Watch It

Written by Cindy Sang-An

The Moon is one of Korea’s highly anticipated films this year. The film, written and directed by acclaimed director Kim Yong-hwa, is a captivating science-fiction and will be released in the Philippines on August 16, 2023 nationwide.

The Moon is an emotional, tearjerker, and epic-action film featuring award-winning actor Sul Kyung-gu (who plays the former NARO Space Center Flight Director), EXO heartthrob Doh Kyung-soo (the lone Korean stranded astronaut), and the amazing Kim Hee-ae of The World of the Married (who portrays NASA’s Lunar Orbit Director).

The Moon

Photo: The Moon | CJ Entertainment

The film follows the story of the first manned lunar exploration mission wherein the exploration spacecraft soared into the sky with grand dreams, only to blow up into pieces upon launch. Five years later, a second human spaceflight embarks on a journey toward the moon. But a solar flare erupts, causing a solar wind to engulf the spacecraft, leaving crew member Hwang Sun-woo (Doh Kyung-soo) stranded alone. Despite being inexperienced in space operations and facing unpredictable situations, he is determined to fulfill his mission.

In order to prevent another massive failure and to ensure Sun-woo’s rescue, NARO Space Center seeks help from Kim Jae-gook (Sul Kyung-gu), the former flight director of the first unsuccessful mission who took responsibility for the incident.

But his efforts alone are not enough. Hoping to safely bring Sun-woo back, he asks for the assistance of NASA’s lunar orbit director, Yoon Moon-young (Kim Hee-ae), who risks everything in a final attempt to save Sun-woo.

The Moon trailer

Photo: The Moon | CJ Entertainment

Kim Yong-hwa masterfully integrates the emotional depth of the film. Sun-woo’s compelling character development as he confronts his own fears and desires while unraveling the moon’s enigma, adds a relatability to an otherwise distant and surreal setting. Lead actors and supporting actors showcase remarkable performances, breathing life into their characters.

The Moon transports viewers into an alternate reality, exposing them to an unconventional narrative that challenges their understanding of the cosmos and leaves the audience marveling at its breathtaking imagery. Another captivating aspect of the film is the intense survival drama built on thorough scientific verification and consultation.

Watch the trailer here:

The Moon is certainly a film not to be missed in theaters. Fans of sci-fi genre films, this is for you. The movie is rated PG and distributed by Columbia Pictures Philippines. #TheMoonMoviePH

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