Kim Hee-ae From “The World of the Married” Shares Why She Keeps Her Distance From Han So-hee and Park Hae-joon

K-drama The World of the Married is on a roll. Yesterday, the show received the highest viewership ratings ever achieved by a Korean show. It received a 24.33% viewership nationwide, breaking the 23.78% record set by the finale of Sky Castle last year. Apart from the excellent story, The World of the Married is a great watch because of the cast’s acting skills.

Kim Hee-ae, who plays the role of Ji Sun-woo, takes her role so seriously that she intentionally avoids her co-stars Han So-hee and Park Hae-joon, who play Yeo Da-kyung and Lee Tae-oh.

In an interview with Korean news site Nate, as translated by Soompi, she said, “I’m keeping my distance from Park Hae-joon and Han So-hee because I don’t want to lose the emotion [of my character]. So-hee is so polite and pretty, and I like her but I’m trying to keep my distance so that I can properly immerse myself in my character’s emotions.”

Hee-ae clarifies that there’s no drama between her and her co-stars. She added, “[So-hee is] very passionate, and her skills as an actress are already fully developed. If she’s already this perfect, I wonder what kind of actress she’ll be in the future, when she reaches my age. I can’t even imagine it. She works so hard, and in terms of her face and body, I think she’s flawless. She leaves nothing to be desired.”

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