Kim Chiu trends online after this comment on ex Gerald Anderson on “It’s Showtime”

Kim Chiu trended on Twitter after she made a funny comment on “It’s Showtime.”

During one of the show’s segments, Kim was told to like five Instagram posts of her ex-boyfriend, Gerald Anderson, as a “fun-nishment.”

kim chiu bawal lumabas

Photo: @chinitaprincess Instagram

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While scrolling through a video on Gerald’s Instagram feed, Kim said, “Tapos pagbukas mo rito andito si Julia Barretto (And then after opening this, you see Julia Barretto).” After this, the actress quickly said, “Ay, bawal ba (Is it not allowed)?”

Kim soon trended on Twitter after she said this on the noon time show, with many Twitter users taking it is as one of the actress’ many funny moments.

You can watch the clip from It’s Showtime below:

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