Kim Chiu Speaks Up On Shooting Incident

This Wednesday morning Kim Chiu was the unfortunate victim of a van shooting.

Chiu and her companions were riding inside her van when 2 gunmen fired at the vehicle in Quezon City. Her driver witnessed the incident and reported that the gunmen were on a motorcycle. They were all unharmed by the incident.

After much confusion and concern, Chiu took to Instagram to quell worries and thank everyone for reaching out to her.

“A lot of you have been texting and calling. can’t answer right now. Thank you for checking on me. Means a lot,” she starts her post.

Chiu then assures everyone: “Yes I am safe po. I’m ok and my P.A. And my driver as well. Papa Jesus protected us.”

(BREAKING: Kim Chiu’s Van Shot At In Quezon City)

“I don’t have an idea what really happened, mistaken identity? I guess?? Napag tripan? This is a bad joke,” she addresses speculation.

“6 am on my way to taping, I was asleep inside my car then I heard several gunshots, 8 to be exact,” Chiu describes. “I was shocked and ask my driver what happened, then I saw this bullet on the windshield where my head was laying ‘buti nakahiga ako.'”

Pano kung tinuloy ko magbasa ng script?… I was so scared, I don’t know what to feel right now. Wala naman akong kaaway or ka atraso. Why me?” she questions.

She ends by saying: “Kung sino man ang gumawa nito Diyos na ang bahala sa inyo dalawa at the end of the day inisip ko nalang walang nasaktan sa amin. God protected us. Salamat po.”

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