“Kikay”, “Halo-Halo”, and More Pinoy Words Added to Oxford English Dictionary


A quarterly update of the Oxford English Dictionary has just been released and it looks like many Pinoy-coined words were included.

The words were chosen based on observed use online and in publications. These words may be directly borrowed from Tagalog, hybrid expressions, Pinoy translations, and complete changes in meaning.

These words are:

  • advanced (of a clock or watch: indicating a time ahead of the correct time)
  • bahala na
  • balikbayan
  • balikbayan box
  • baon
  • barangay
  • barkada
  • barong
  • barong tagalog
  • baro’t saya
  • batchmate
  • buko
  • buko juice
  • buko water
  • carnap
  • carnapper
  • comfort room
  • despedida
  • dirty kitchen
  • estafa
  • gimmick (a night out with friends)
  • go down (to get off a vehicle)
  • halo-halo
  • high blood (angry, agitated)
  • kikay
  • kikay kit
  • KKB
  • kuya
  • mabuhay
  • mani-pedi
  • pan de sal
  • pasalubong
  • presidentiable
  • pulutan
  • salvage (to apprehend and execute (a suspected criminal) without trial)
  • sari-sari store
  • sinigang
  • suki
  • utang na loob

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