Kiddo-preneur Summer 2018

Just before the summer break came to a close, a bunch of entrepreneurial kids, dubbed Kiddo-preneurs, set up their own little “shops” at the Greenbelt 5 Amphitheatre early on a Saturday morning, and enthusiastically sold their interesting and creative, mostly home-made wares. The products they sold were diverse: home-made cookies and other sweets, slime, handicrafts, honey, drinks, food, beach kits, and a bunch of other kid-friendly products. One Kiddo-preneur Roco Borbon was particularly inventive; he sold eco-friendly, home-made grass heads and grass head making kits.

With their parents by their side or looking on from the sidelines, the Kiddo-preneurs diligently spent the day interacting with customers, dispensing change, and making money in a fun and engaging setup alongside other business-minded kids and in the end, they all learned about the value of hard work and the importance of earning your own money.

With their determination, perseverance, boundless imagination, and grit, this batch of Kiddo-preneurs made themselves and their parents very proud indeed!

Kiddo-preneur founder Maiki Oreta says, “Through this experience, the kids learn that business can be fun and financially rewarding if they have a good product mix that’s priced and packaged properly.” But beyond that, Oreta says, “The long-term goal is to get the kids interested in business and entrepreneurship so that the tykes of today will one day, become the tycoons of tomorrow and drive the kind of sustainable economic growth the country needs.”

The kids, encouraged by the sight of other youngsters selling, were all too happy and eager to make a sale – beaming with pride and joy after every satisfied customer.

In keeping with tradition and healthy competition, awards and prizes were given out to the Kiddo-preneurs’ businesses with the: Best Design, Best Concept, Best Service, and Highest Sales.

Best Booth Design:
Slime Sisters (Alexis and Andie de Zuzuarregi)

Best Concept:
Island Kids (Tyler Emmanuel Yu, Ara and Gray Chu)

Best Service:
Little Ladies (Chloe PiaValdos, Veronica Porciuncula, Hannah Gianan, Juliane Perez &Sache Villanueva)

Highest Sales:
Little Ladies (Chloe PiaValdos, Veronica Porciuncula, Hannah Gianan, Juliane Perez &Sache Villanueva — PHP 12,307)

Now on its 7th year, Kiddo-preneur and the Kiddo-preneurs give us hope for a brighter Philippines with more homegrown businesses and more jobs.

The next Kiddo-preneur event will take place in November at the Alabang Town Center. For more details, please visit or email kiddopreneur@­ or contact 0947-996-0546.

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