Kick-Off Your Waste-Free Life with This Utensil Set

So, you’re thinking of living a waste-free life. Or maybe you’re just trying to minimize your trash.

I’ve had a few sets of metal straws, but I always had a hard time looking for a place to clean them after. I also get served plastic spoons and forks, so I figured a set of my own utensils would make my waste-free life a little easier to achieve.

I got a set from Iyuko. It has two metal straws with a cleaning brush, a pair of wooden chopsticks, a spoon, a fork, and a knife. It is placed in a canvas bag that you can roll to fit into your bag.

It is the perfect size since it fits in most of my handbags of different sizes.

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I didn’t know I needed this set until I had one. There were so many times that I needed a spoon or fork in places that didn’t offer them.

I remember wanting to eat the froth of my milk tea, but the tea shop only had straws. I also needed a spoon and a fork when we had a lunch celebration at the office and the delivery guy forgot his bag of utensils.

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I really love the metal straws, as well. The big one is perfect if you LOVE milk tea like me. You can also use the smaller one for juices or soda.

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I love being able to use most of the items in the bag because we are always eating and on the go. The chopsticks are very handy if you find yourself getting sushi or getting Japanese food takeout from your friendly street market.

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If you already have metal straws, though, you can also opt to buy just the one with the utensils.


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