Kichitora of Tokyo: Authentic Ramen at its best now in Manila!


When in Manila and in search for that AUTHENTIC RAMEN to satisfy that RAMEN-CRAVING  of yours? Then head to Kichitora of Tokyo!



The Japanese Craze is really popular in the Philippines for many years now. From fashion, programming, gadgets and definitely food. The Japanese Culture has been integrated into our daily lives but most of the Japanese Stores that offers products and services has equipped themselves to suit the taste of their Filipino clientele. Then came this store that wanted to stay true to the authenticity of the Japanese Ramen giving the original taste of Japan for Filipino diners to experience.



Kichitora literally means “Lucky Tiger”. It’s a newly opened restaurant located at the 2nd floor, Mega Atrium at the Megamall. A fusion of modern-meets-traditional design, striking colors of gold, black and colorful kimonos will welcome you once you step inside. The lighting is just right, the ambiance is calm. Yes, feel the inviting cozy feeling inside Kichitora!







Kichitora’s owner, Mr. Larson Chan, warmly greeted us and gave a brief introduction of Kichitora. He said that their first branches were in Tokyo and Shibuya, Japan and that here in Manila is their first international branch. Keeping the same flavors and ingredients, authenticity is their main priority.



What makes Kichitora so uniquely great is that they make their own noodles using their own recipes that they invented from continuous trial and error, making their perfect Kichitora noodles that I know people will be clamoring for.


Not only does the interior looks wonderful but their dishes are all so divine!




Kichitora’s Paitan Chicken Ramen




This dish emanates “DELICIOUS” from all the senses. From the time it was served to the time we ingested it all, we still wanted more! The noodles are just the right firm and the soup is super tasty and very flavorful! No wonder this is indeed a crowd favorite!





Kichitora’s Special Miso Chashu Ramen with Ma-Yu 





This dish has roasted pork that makes your taste buds just melt from the very flavorful soup and noodles. Very Kichitora, I must say! Lol





Special Seafood Ramen





A daring dish that puts a whole crab in the soup! It gives off the powerful taste of the sea and the grand experience of being in the deep. Now that’s awesome!





Chicken Karaage




A chicken dish that will be a definite hit with the kids! Mr. Larson Chan has been planning on making new sauces to dip perfectly with the karaage! Yum can’t wait for that!







OMG! They serve the best gyoza! It’s not oily, wrapper is thin (unlike others!) and the ratio of veggies and meat is just perfect! It goes perfectly with their spicy sauce and is screaming with yumminess!








This was served to be in tandem with the ramen. The combination gives off a great balance between the meaty taste of the broth to the neutral seasoning of the egg.





Tsukemen Paitan




This one is my first time trying it. They cook the noodles midway then throw it into cold water to stop the cooking process giving it a chewy and firm texture. How you do it? You get a bundle of the noodles and dip it in the broth. Its cold and warm noodles mixed together with the hot broth…. well, you just have to try it to know how delicious it is!





(L) Coconut Tofu with Green Tea and Red Beans, (R) Almond Jelly with Strawberry Jam, Mangoes and Mint leaf




I conclude that this has been the perfect dessert after our ramen feast! Both are not too sweet which I definitely loved! With a light consistency and flavor, ending a meal has never been this refreshing! P.S. I would like to try not using a spoon and take it directly from the cup! Like taho :p haha







As we bid goodbye to Mr.Larson Chan and thanking his superb chefs for such a great treat and wonderful service, it seems fit to say that this night filled with good friends, awesome food and a spectacular venue is one of the best food experience I have ever encountered and this bumped Kichitora to the top of my “Have to visit again” list!




Kichitora of Tokyo

2nd Floor, Mega Atrium, 
SM Megamall, Philippines
Telephone Number: 451-2218
Kichitora Store Hours:

Sun – Thu: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm



When in Manila Write-up by Jo Arce of

When in Manila Photos taken by: Jo Tan of






Kichitora of Tokyo: Authentic Ramen at its best now in Manila!


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