Kendall Jenner is releasing a new jewelry collection!

Following in the footsteps of her Kardashian siblings, Kendall Jenner is releasing a new jewelry line!

Kendall Jenner Kenneth Cobunpue (4)

Like a true Kardashian, Kendall is the newest sibling to come out with her own line — but unlike sisters Kylie and Kim who are building a cosmetics empire, the Victoria’s Secret model is focusing on a different collection: jewelry!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, after all.

It makes sense as compared to Kylie, it seems that Kendall isn’t that much into makeup, and her effortlessly glamorous style make her suited to do a jewelry collection.

Kendall is teaming up with jewelry line Ippolita for a collaboration!

Ippolita’s CCO Ippolita Rostagno chose Jenner as a creative collaborator for the brand’s new line, and had this to say about Kendall in an interview with W magazine:

“Beyond the hype, she’s a real style maven, and to me, the clearest indicator is what she looks like when she’s not in the spotlight. Looking cool and sexy at all times is very much part of her MO and that’s very much my point of view as well.”

Are you looking forward to Kendall’s new jewelry collection? Let us know!