Kendall Jenner gives North West the most adorable science-inspired present!

When you’re born into a celebrity family with hot social media influencers for aunts, you’d expect more glamorous gifts like designer toys, or glitzy birthday dresses. But it seems that supermodel aunt Kendall Jenner is quite the thoughtful gift-giver, as not only was her gift age-appropriate, it shows how dedicated she is to North’s learning!

Kendall Jenner North West

North’s mom, Kim Kardashian, was over the moon with Kendall’s gift, as shown on her Instagram stories.

Kendall North West birthday present

Her snaps reveal Kendall’s present, a book of Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects, with a basket containing all the ingredients and supplies needed for the experiments! The materials were also divided and arranged according to each experiment, according to the handwritten labels on the bags. Kendall thought of everything!

Kendall North West birthday present 2

We have no doubt that North is going to grow up into a beautiful woman, but a scientist from the Kardashian family should turn out to be an interesting twist, thanks to Kendall!

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