Kelsey Merritt shows us how to model and brb, I’m taking notes

Kelsey Merritt 2

Is there anything Kelsey Merritt can’t do? She’s definitely on a roll: she stunned the world as the first Filipina to walk the Victoria’s Secret runway show, was featured on Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, hung out with Zac Efron, and became one of the 2019 rookies of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. It’s not surprising when you consider how amazing she is.

If you need further proof, here’s Merritt showing us how to model with some outtakes from a shoot. She posted the short video on Twitter, with the caption “Pak ganern. Charot!” We stan a relatable (and fierce) queen.

Sports Illustrated described her best when they announced that she’s a rookie for the upcoming swimsuit issue: You might recognize this freckle-faced beauty as the first-ever Filipino woman to walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show just last year. Our girl has also modeled for brands such as Vera Wang and Maybelline, even while she was still in school! Talk about beauty AND brains.


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