Kehlani’s Instagram Post for Mac Miller is Breaking Our Hearts

This morning, news broke that 26-year-old rapper Mac Miller had died of a suspected drug overdose in his Los Angeles home. Malcolm James McCormick had been struggling with substance abuse for years now; but after releasing his album ‘Swimming’ last month, people were hopeful that he was doing better.

Celebrities have been posting their memories with Mac Miller all day and they have all been breaking our hearts, but Kehlani’s message has hit us especially hard. In her Instagram post, Kehlani starts off by talking about some of the plans that they had had in the near future: “We were supposed to get Hawaiian this week, shoot your video next week, I was gonna pull up for How to Get Away with Murder, was gonna copy your new Saturn tattoo.”

She adds, “Rare you meet people in this industry that make you feel like home, make you feel human because they’re so human, too. Utterly heartbroken. I promise to finish The Night Manager and if I ever meet Hugh Laurie, I’ll tell him he was our doode. I love you, man. Can’t comprehend talking to someone damn near everyday and wake up and they’re gone. I will miss you so much. Beyond the music that changed my high school / young adult world, I’m gonna miss my friend.”

To end her post, she says, “RIP Malcolm.” And to remind us all of how short life is, Kehlani reminds us: “Check on your friends, even the strong, funny ones.”