How to Keep It Real with RRJ Strike Series


When it comes to clothes, trends always come and go. Classic prints make way for vibrant colours, which then make way for denim on denim, which then make way for print on print, and so on and so forth. Some of the basic staples of the closet that have never left through the years and the generations, though, are the basic whites, blacks and greys. Well, these are the colours that the RRJ Strike Series brings to the forefront.

Aside from using colours that are relevant for people of every gender, age and generation, the second drop of the RRJ Strike Series collection also encourages people to be true to themselves -to be real.

“We are now repositioning the brand to cater to all walks of life by offering the wearable fashion of streetwear with the new RRJ Strike Series collection,” said Jonathan Cuyegkeng, RRJ Brand Manager. And they have definitely succeeded.

Here are some of our favorite fashion bloggers rocking clothes from the new RRJ Strike Series collection:

rrj strike series mike miguel

Mike Miguel of keeps it simple but still makes a statement with this completely black and white look featuring RRJ Strike Series.

rrj strike series cher lui pio

The minimalist black and white approach of the RRJ Strike Series definitely looks great on Cher Lui Pio of

rrj strike series seph cham

Seph Cham of looks great in RRJ’s Strike Series’ jogger jeans as he goes about life in the city.

rrj strike series ida anduyan

We especially love what Ida Anduyan of did with her jogger pants, though. Pairing it with heels, she is really keeping it real in this outfit.

“The urban lifestyle calls for more creative outlets – be it through music, the arts, board sports and the like – and comfortable, wearable clothing is a significant channel of self-expression. Through the Strike Series, we urge people to keep it simple, keep it real. Strike Anywhere and take life by the horns,” enthused Cuyegkeng.

This coming holiday, RRJ completes its Strike Series collection with more designs and lines that will give each individual more to style with. The collection will continue to pave the way for this new wave of fashion to its local market by providing a series of clothes that will fit perfectly with anyone. We challenge you to interpret your story with RRJ Strike Series, as well. Tag us in your #RRJStrikeSeries Instagram posts with the hashtag #wheninmanila and you could win RRJ merchandise right here! Just leave the link to your Instagram post below! 🙂

RRJ Strike Series

Available in all RRJ boutiques and all leading department stores across the Philippines.

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