Keanu Reeves took his mom to the Oscars as his date

Keanu Reeves brought his mom to the Oscars as his date and walked alongside her on the red carpet. What a sweet gesture from one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood.

Keanu’s mom is costume designer Patricia Taylor. The proud mom stunned the crowd in a white suit with a sparkly collar.

Keanu presented an award at the show where the animated film, Toy Story 4, which he lent his voice to, is nominated in the Best Animated Feature category.

The mom and son duo waved and smiled to the press as they walked together. They even stopped to chat with some people including Ryan Seacrest.

But if you think Keanu was about to give up any secrets about the upcoming Matrix 4, think again. He stayed quiet, and even his mom kept her lips zipped.

This is just too cute to handle! 🙂

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