KC’s Kitchen: Bringing Back the Taste of Home

Words by Misha Fabian

Photos by Heather Co

It is no secret that Filipinos are deeply attached to the concept of family. We are known for having close ties with even the extended members of our families, meeting our relatives twice, thrice, or even four times removed during family reunions. Many of us have grown up hearing the booming laughs of our titos, the lively chatter from our titas, and the sweet, concerned queries from our lolos and lolas asking “Kamusta ka na, apo?” We would see our cousins, our ates and kuyas talking about their lives while the younger ones, the bunsos, would run around and play by our feet. All these characters make up our families and at the end of the day, in spite of any differences we may have, we are bound together by one thing- food.

KC’s Kitchen attempts to concretize the experience of families being brought together by food through its recipes that were passed down from generation to generation. Their tagline is “The recipe behind it all”, which alludes to the rich history behind the making of their food that played a key role in how their family bonded. The goal is simple- to offer delicious, gourmet dishes that “will bring you close to home”

WhenInManila was given the opportunity to taste some delicious dishes from the brand. My personal favorite from the spread was the Sugpo Mayonesa which featured jumbo-sized prawns smothered with a rich, creamy sauce. Runner-up to this was the Slow-Cooked Kaldereta which featured juicy chunks of beef stewed with veggies in a thick, red sauce and topped with melted cheese. The Adobong Baby Pusit was also a winner with juicy pieces of baby squid mixed with halved garlic heads and tomatoes. The dishes for me were reminiscent of the Sundays I would spend at my lola’s house eating meals that she herself had cooked.

It was evident in the way that the dishes were cooked that great care went into their preparation. All the dishes were hearty, filled with ingredients and flavored in such a way that all the elements of the dishes blended perfectly. They took classic Filipino recipes and elevated them to really bring out the feeling of being at home and being surrounded by your loved ones. With the passion to share the comfort that comes with eating home-cooked meals, KC’s Kitchen aims to deliver the taste of family straight to your doorstep. 

KC’s Kitchen

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Email: Hello@kcskitchen.ph

Website: www.kcskitchen.ph

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