KCC Cinema Posts Warning on Watching The Conjuring 2

It’s a great month for cinema goers this month, what with a ton of movies in different genres currently showing on the big screen at the moment. The current pick of choice for movie goers who love scary movies, though, is definitely The Conjuring 2.

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I’m a bit of a scaredy cat, so I don’t know about you, but I found the first movie pretty scary. In fact, it kept me up at night and I slept with the lights on for quite a long amount of time after watching it. A lot of my friends who have already seen the second instalment promise that this one is even scarier, and now that KCC Cinema has released the following photo, I’m not sure if I ever wanna see it on the big screen at all:

Conjuring 2

Yes, yes, I know this is probably just a marketing strategy, but I was told this movie had a midnight screening in Star Mall Alabang (the so-called “ghost mall”), so forgive me for being even more of a scaredy right now than I already am. :p Even just typing this at this hour is sending chills up and down my spine.

It’s interesting because the people on my Facebook timeline who reposted this had varied reactions, with some even more raring to go to the cinema to watch it and others not wanting to go at all. Obviously, I’m part of the latter. Which one are you? :p

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