KBOP Quick Korean: Korean Food with a Filipino Twist

WhenInManila and craving for some Korean food, get up and visit KBOP Quick Korean at the Venice Piazza Mckinley Hill. KBOP offers quick Korean food at an affordable price. Being a self-professed KPOP fan, I cannot help but get excited about a place called KBOP. Not to mention that I LOVE Korean food!

It was my first time to visit the Venice Piazza. It was still being developed but I can see its promise. It can even be the next hot spot as soon as the developments in the area done. KBOP was not that difficult to find. It’s inviting, modern, and visually stimulating interiors emanate from the outside. If you are hungry, I have to warn you that the mouth watering food photos on their walls may result in an increase in your orders and your bill. It better be your diet cheat day when you visit them.

Upon entering the area, we were greeted by a variety of bloggers and the owners Mr. Mel Gozum and Mr.KaAsenso himself, Jorge Noel Wieneke III. They were very welcoming and we had interesting conversations with them. Not only was I able to find out more about KBOP but I was able to get insights about business and other related topics as well. Inspirational conversations done, so what’s next? Food, food, food!

First on the table was their version of the Kimchi Fried Rice / Bokkumbop (Php 50.00). Their version was spicy-ish, but not as spicy for the average Filipino palate.

The next dish served was their very own KBOP Chicken (Php 160.00). Foodies may notice that the resemblance between the KBOP chicken and the other popular chicken recipes in the market nowadays. Well, fortunately, this was better. It had this sweet and tangy taste outside magnified by its crunchy texture. However, you will be surprised that you’ll be sinking your teeth into something juicy and tasty. Just the way chicken should be cooked. It immediately became my favourite that night.

Well, what’s a Korean meal without Chapchae (Php 125.00)? They had their own version as well. To show how much of a crowd favourite it was, let me just say that on our side of the table, we were able to finish around 3 of these!

To further engorge our stomachs we were served with Pork Skewers. It had this Korean flavour going one with an interesting bite of the sweetness Filipinos would love. Just like your usual Pinoy Barbecue but with some Korean zest.

Last but not the least, was the Chandolpakee or Grilled Beef Steak. It was a great dish to cap of everything we just ate. They added mustard to this dish which complimented the spices on the beef’s marinade. It had this smoky flavour which was juicy inside and was equally good with our without its partner sauce. I personally think that mustard is not something you usually see in Korean cuisine but I can say that it was effectively mixed in the dish.

KBOP’s menu selection was not only affordable, compared to the usual Korean restaurants, (their dishes range from Php 100.00 – 200.00) it was also delicious and addictive at the same time.

You would really crave for more! Not to mention that the dishes come in big servings and can be shared by around 2 people. I think it was the Filipino flavour they incorporated to their dishes that made us fall head over heals for our dishes. By offering unintimidating, quick and affordable Korean food to Filipinos, I think they achieved Korean-Filipino-food-euphoria in such a way that the taste of their dishes is quite safe for the Filipino taste buds but it still had authentic Korean flavours in it.

Also keep an eye out for KBOP’s promos such as the happy hour where cocktails are offered at Php 40.00, their Eat-All-You-Can-Sundays, group meals, and 69 peso worth rice meals for the dynamic diner. Quick Korean food with a twist indeed!

WhenInManila, come visit KBOP and taste their signature dishes! I highly recommend their KBOP Pizza, KBOP Chicken Burger, Seafood Pancake, Ramen, and so much more. Drooling already? Get up now and try out!

KBOP Quick Korean

Quick Korean Food in Metro Manila

2/F Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, 1200 Taguig, Philippines

Opens from Monday to Sunday, 10:00am – 10:00pm

KBOP Facebook

 KBOP Quick Korean: Korean Food with a Filipino Twist


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