Kaþarsis: Breathe through Artistic Expression

“Art is a form of self-expression, a medium where comfort is found and emotions are freed.”

 In line with UP Manila’s celebration of the Mental Health Awareness Month, The Aurum, UP Biochemistry Society’s official newsletter, will be hosting “Kaþarsis: Breathe through Artistic Expression,” an open submission event which will serve as a platform for individuals to share their thoughts and feelings through various forms of art.

Recognizing the power art holds as a form of self-expression especially in this time of pandemic, The Aurum will be accepting submissions for literary art, visual art, and performance art starting October 8, 2020 until October 22, 2020 through tinyurl.com/kabarsis-theaurum. All accepted submissions will be featured in our official Facebook Page and in our official YouTube channel from October 26 -31, 2020!

The event is free and open to everyone! Interested individuals may check out the guidelines at tinyurl.com/kabarsis-guidelines or message us using our official channels below. 

Through Kaþarsis (Catharsis), we hope to provide everyone a safe space for self-expression, free from hate and discrimination. More importantly, we hope to remind you that your feelings are valid and that there is always someone who’s willing to listen. Together, let’s end the stigmas against mental health issues one step at a time!

For questions, send us a message through our official Facebook account, UP Biochemistry Society, or email us at theaurum.upbcs@gmail.com.

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