Karma Strikes as Local Job Applicant Learns Valuable Lesson in Facebook Post Gone Viral

If you needed a reminder that it pays to be nice to the people around you, this local story currently making the rounds on Facebook will certainly serve as one. Enter a tech editor and a job applicant who is probably now wishing he had been a little more polite.


Art Samaniego Jr. is the TechNews and Business Tech Editor of the Manila Bulletin and a very busy man. Maybe that’s why he was in a hurry earlier that one morning, but he probably didn’t expect that what happened next would lead to a Facebook post that’s gone well and truly viral right now. Here is a true lesson in karma for you to enjoy:

Art wrote:

I was in a hurry that morning, I need to interview an applicant, a nephew of a friend. I parked my old car along Recoletos and immediately ran towards the MB entrance when suddenly a speeding car almost hit me. I apologized and told the driver “sorry sir, nag mamadali lang”. The driver lowered down his window and shouted “putang ina mo! Probinsyano ka!” I again apologized and said sorry. He then raised his middle finger and said “fuck you” then drove away.

A few minutes later at the office, I was informed by the lobby guard that an applicant, a relative of a friend would like to see me for an interview. I told the guard to send him up to my office.

After three minutes, I was again face to face with the guy who gave me the finger.

According to Art, the applicant left without saying a word, but very likely with a valuable lesson. No matter who you meet in life, always try and be polite. You never know when you’ll meet again.

Have you ever experienced a similar encounter? Tell us your story in the comments!