Karaoke Bars in Manila: Red Box Greenbelt

Karaoke Bars in Manila: Red Box Greenbelt



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When in Manila, there’s no better way to have an awesome time with friends than by having a Karaoke night! Filipinos absolutely go nuts over the karaoke machine, and the typical Filipino night out would not be complete without booze and singing! But what comprises the quintessential karaoke experience? While most of us are used to the run-off-the-mill karaoke bars in Manila, there’s one that is surely a cut above the rest. This karaoke bar offers all you could ask for in a perfect karaoke night out and more! It’s time to put aside everything you’ve known and experienced about the local karaoke scene and make way for Red Box!

Karaoke Bars in Manila: Red Box Greenbelt’s buffet area, they serve lunch and dinner buffets on weekdays!

Since having opened in 2007, Red Box has been one of the most successful karaoke bars in Manila, continuously innovating and setting the standard for top-of-the-line karaoke experience. From the sound system, to music selection, to ambience and dining options, Red Box has gathered all aspects of your typical karaoke party and taken them up a notch higher.  Their tagline Rock · Dine · Roll exemplifies the overall experience you’re in for at Red Box; living out your rock star dream while singing along to your favorite hits, sophisticated and sumptuous dining options, and all the other fun activities you can do, because there’s more to Red Box than just karaoke!

 Karaoke Bars in Manila

 Karaoke Bars in Manila

Karaoke Bars in Manila: Red Box Greenbelt has numerous spacious rooms, some can accommodate up to 40 guests

What sets Red Box Greenbelt apart from other karaoke bars in Manila?

All three branches of Red Box karaoke bars in Manila (Eastwood, Greenbelt, and Trinoma) are specifically designed to suit the lifestyle and budget of the crowds they cater to. Each branch offers a number of state-of-the art karaoke booths which are all equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems and soundproof walls; no more voices of singing strangers echoing from neighboring booths! Keen attention to detail is also given to decorating the booths, as interiors are laden with chic printed wall décor, leather couch covers, low tables and ottomans scattered across the carpeted floor, a HUGE flat screen TV, and ambient lighting, setting the perfect backdrop for a night (or day) of fun singing your hearts out!

Karaoke Bars in Manila girls singing their all-time favorites.

Karaoke Bars in Manila


More hours of fun with more song options at Red Box Greenbelt, one of the best karaoke bars in Manila!

Red Box is the only karaoke bar in Manila that offers an extensive selection of various songs from every genre. From classic karaoke fare to Broadway hits, OPM songs and (wait for it…) today’s latest pop tunes! You wouldn’t believe my surprise when I saw Nicki Minaj’s Superbass in the song selection, totally made my night! What’s even better is that Red Box offers high quality acoustics as accompaniment to their songs rather than the tacky monotone background music most karaoke bars have. This makes you feel like the rock star you’ve always dreamed of being, singing along to your hit song! They also feature actual music videos of the karaoke songs you’re singing along to. All these add up to the ultimate karaoke party!

Red Box Karaoke Bars in Manila Pool Room


Red Box is a karaoke bar in Manila that truly has something to offer for everyone. If you’ve had your fill of singing your heart out, Red Box also offers alternative activities like billiards and arcade games. Select karaoke booths are equipped with billiard tables and games like guitar hero so you can play along to the songs you’re singing!

Karaoke Bars in Manila: Red Box Greenbelt’s buffet selection.

Red Box Karaoke Bars in Manila Food Selection

 Some of the newest additions to Red Box Greenbelt’s menu: the Sushi Samba selection!

 Some of Red Box Greenbelt’s a la carte  offerings.

Red Box also offers a lunch and dinner buffet selection, as well as a la carte options and a cocktail menu. Their latest offering, the Sushi Samba menu, features mouthwatering sushi choices made by Red Box’s very own sushi chef!

Special thanks to Red Box Greenbelt for having us over! We had the best time! :)

When in Manila and looking for the perfect place to have a karaoke party, head on over to Red Box Greenbelt, one of the best karaoke bars in Manila for the most awesome karaoke experience!

 Red Box Karaoke Greenbelt

3rd Floor, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City

For info and reservations, call: 757-6188

Business hours:

Su, M: 12:00 pm – 12:00 mn
T, W, Th: 12:00 pm – 3:00 am
F, Sa: 12:00 pm – 4:00 am

Visit their website at: http://redbox.com.ph/



 Karaoke Bars in Manila: Red Box Greenbelt

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