Kanye West Concedes the Presidential Race–but Has Controversial News in Store

The United States of America is undergoing their election period and tensions are high.

People are anxiously awaiting the outcomes of this pivotal presidential bid. Two top candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, have been neck and neck for a while now. But one candidate that caused a huge wave of media attention and buzz was rapper and songwriter Kanye West. West revealed in the past that he had intentions to run for office after showing support for Donald Trump while he was in the presidential seat. Taking a page out of Trump’s book, West decided that he, too, would want to run for president.

On November 3rd, West tweeted that he went out to vote “for the first time in [his] life” for the President of the United States. And it was for someone “[he] truly trust[s]… me.” He affixed the United States flag emoji after his tweet and then made a series of them showing how he was voting and wrote himself in as a write-in candidate for the presidential bid.

He, however, conceded as he received only 1% of votes overall, leading up to 60,000 votes total, a small amount compared to the two top candidates running. While he has thrown in the towel, he’s not showing signs of giving up, tweeting later on a photo of himself superimposed on the States with the caption “KANYE 2024.”

Looks like he’s already got plans for the next election.

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