Kani Get a Woot Woot? 9 Kani Bakes You Need to Try Right Now

The sushi bake craze still hasn’t died down, and we’re still not sick of them. My family loves kani bake; it is always a surefire hit at home. My daughter loves it. My parents love it. And obviously, I love it. Here are the 8 best kani bakes we’ve tried so far that we believe you should try, too!

9 Kani Bakes You Need to Try Right Now

9. Dudunburi (@dudunburi)

Dudunburi is a name derived from Manuel’s nickname, Dudun, since his youngest sister couldn’t pronounce Junjun. To ease his medical bills of having dialysis thrice a week because of an unfortunate chronic kidney disease, he decided to make aburi trays. Since he couldn’t go back to his job of being an engineer because of his condition, he wanted to do something that he’s very passionate about: cooking. With the help of his siblings, they came up with an aburi (“flame seared”) style of baked sushi that would help them stand out from the rest.

For the flavors, Dudun was adamant about mixing salmon and crab together, but adding a twist with his sauces. Since Filipinos love California maki rolls, he also wanted to create the aburi style to cater to the Pinoy palate. Dudunburi’s Cheesy Sake and Kani Aburi Tray is one that you won’t soon forget. Made with premium Japanese ingredients, you are in for a delightful experience! Unlike other baked sushi drenched in mayonnaise or sauces, you’ll be able to see and taste all of the ingredients as they come together. Of course, loving and supporting Dudunburi also means that you will be able to help ease Dudun’s weekly medical bills and help him get a more positive view on the future.

8. Eleven Baker Street (@elevenbakerstreet)


Photo from Eleven Baker Street

The team behind Eleven Baker Street consists of 11 tight-knit cousins who live on the same street and share the same love for refined Japanese food, hence the number Eleven. Baker Street is a wordplay between sushi ‘bake‘ and the fictional residence of the iconic Sherlock Holmes. ⁣The idea behind Eleven Baker Street was born after the hype for sushi bakes took off, and they became fans of the trend themselves. After trying a few versions out there, they had some fun ideas and realized they should try their hand on flavors that were yet unseen in the market!

Eleven Baker Street’s first flavor was their Uni Aburi Sushi Bake chosen simply for their indisputable favorite sashimi. They then started experimenting with fusions and came up with the Truffle Scallop Aburi combination. Of course, they also pay homage to the trend that started it all through their Classic Kani Sushi Bake, for which they added a personal twist and a spicy kick to reinvent the flavor with true Eleven Baker Street flair. Each bite is an explosion of flavors that will keep luring you back for more!

7. Baked Sushi Factory (@bakedsushifactory)


If you’re looking for an ultra creamy, ultra cheesy, and ultra delicious kani bake; you need to try out the one that Baked Sushi Factory has to offer. We thought that their small tray would be enough to satisfy a single person; but it’s actually so good that we each finished two. :p Their kani bake aside, they also have a seafood aburi bake in cream cheese and sriracha that you need to try out!

6. sushilab.ph (@sushilab.ph)


Photo from sushilab.ph

Leiana and Debbie Go are sisters and the founders of sushilab.ph with their complementary skills in business and cooking coming together  during quarantine. Their curiosity about the viral sushi bake concept resulted not only in their food for the day, but also in an online business. Their sushi bake is inspired by Japanese tradition, but revolutionized for the modern palate. To keep up with the pioneers in the industry, they have put on a twist on the sushi bake hype by experimenting on what people would like in terms of taste and uniqueness, resulting in their sweet tropical Premium California Sushi Bake.

They also have a Truffle Salmon-Kani Sushi Bake, which gives the aromatic smell of truffle and the premium taste of it with every bite. Combined with their quality ingredients, you will experience a burst of different flavors that will keep you wanting more without getting umay. Make sure to follow their social media accounts for new releases and a special surprise this holiday season!

5. Jao’s Quality Sushi Bake (@jaossushibake)


Photo from Jao’s Quality Sushi Bake

Jao’s Quality Sushi Bakes started after they saw a sushi bake post and decided to make their own Kani Mango version. Since it was a hit for the whole family (including the kids!), they tried offering it to friends and family members. After getting food feedback, they then decided to start selling it to the public – and thank goodness they did!

Jao’s Quality Sushi Bakes takes the usual crabsticks and salmon for their classic sushi bakes, but refines the mixture and adds their own cheese sauce to give themselves an edge. Although there is nothing extraordinarily fancy about their trays, their simple-looking sushi bakes are packed with flavors that you won’t soon forget! They also have a sushi bake with beef cubes!

4. Homemade by Janine (@homemadebyjanine)


Photo from Homemade by Janine

Homemade by Janine started with Janine’s love for cooking and her passion for sharing her dishes with the people she cares for. With the ongoing economic and career slump that the pandemic brought to their household – with Janine being a dentist and her husband being a commercial pilot – they took their minds off of the anxiety of uncertainty by venturing into something they both enjoy: food. Janine shares that she wanted to develop a brand with a homemade feel, and that is exactly what they have done.

When you eat their Baked Salmon and Kani Sushi, you will definitely feel a sense of comfort and joy… it’s hard to explain. You simply need to try it yourself! Made with premium kani and salmon, and premium Japanese rice and tobiko; it is a match made in heaven! No wonder it’s their bestseller! Homemade by Janine also offers other dishes, including four-cheese lasagna, truffle mac and cheese, and dynamite uni rice.

3. The Weekend Sushi (@theweekendsushi)

Photo by @pepperph

A lot of people started cooking more at home during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), and Anj Sia is no exception. When sushi bakes became a trend, Anj tried making one for her husband’s birthday last May and he liked it a lot. After posting it on Instagram, a lot of her friends wanted to try it and encouraged her to sell it. After getting some honest feedback from family and friends, Anj’s husband finally convinced her to start this small business, which is only open on weekends (thus the name).

The Weekend Sushi’s Ebi Kani Sushi Bake and Scallop Kani Aburi Sushi Bake are must-tries! If you love spicy food, get it in their spicy version – it’s soooo good! This variant was actually their first version because Anj loves spicy food, but they eventually created a regular version due to popular demand.

The Weekend Sushi doesn’t scrimp on toppings in any way. You’ll be able to see this in their topping to rice ratio. Plus, they only use premium ingredients – from the crabsticks to the seafood to the Japanese rice. “We want to make sure our brand stands out by offering good quality food,” Anj explains. “Also, we limit orders in order to make sure we’re able to maintain the quality.”

2. Kurimi Sushi Bakes (@kurimisushibakes)


Photo from Kurimi Sushi Bakes

Kurimi Sushi Bakes wasn’t really planned in any way. Sushi bakes were already gaining popularity when Jing decided to celebrate her birthday by baking one for her friends. The feedback ended up being overwhelmingly positive, and that’s when Jing’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. Over that same weekend, she and her husband were able to register the business online, come up with and finalize brand and logo studies, work on pricing, set up the social media accounts, look for initial suppliers, and transform their home into a production area. Amazing!

Kani is the base of Kurimi Sushi Bakes and for the toppings, they picked their personal favorites: salmon (sashimi), uni/sea urchin roe (sashimi), and mango (sushi). In order to differentiate their brand from the rest, they then formulated their own cheese sauce that creates a creamy (Kurīmī in katakana) consistency for the kani. Even their kani mix goes through its own production process. This is why every tray from Kurimi Sushi Bakes requires few hours of production and why they can’t entertain same day orders.

From the oven, their kani bakes also go through another process that involves adding Japanese spices and a little bit of mukimono or the Japanese art of decorative garnishing. While Jing thinks it is still a far cry when it comes to authenticity, the designs on top of their kani bakes somehow help establish the Japanese identity of the brand.

1. Casa Bites (@casabites)


Photo from Casa Bites

Casa Bites started out of curiosity about the sushi bake craze. One day, Marianne Zapanta decided to make one for her family with salmon as the topping since salmon is her favorite. After a lot of positive feedback from relatives, they then decided to sell it online. For those who don’t like to eat fish, they have the kani bake – something that even kids will enjoy and wolf down like there’s no tomorrow! Add-ons are also available: extra seaweeds, mayo, and spicy mayo.

Along with their baked sushi, Casa Bites also provides a care card on how to enjoy the products and how to reheat it. Their baked sushi is freshly baked from their oven before pickup, so it’s ready to eat without baking. It’s best consumed right away, but can also last up to two days refrigerated. (With how good it is, I highly doubt you’ll have leftovers, though!)

Casa Bites’ sushi bakes use a special mixture, too, that isn’t nakakasawa or nakakaumay in any way. They also only use premium ingredients (after all, you deserve quality food!), and even celebrities and influencers have attested to how good their baked sushi is. Just check out their social media accounts to read their feedback! Casa Bites will also be launching a special dessert, the Chocolate Brigadeiro, soon; so watch out for that!

Have you tried any of the kani bakes on this list yet? Share your reviews with us! 🙂

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