Kalibrrate: Making the Job Hunt Fun in Manila’s First Job Festival!

The words “fun” and “job search” don’t typically go together, however, Philippine-based startup Kalibrr is changing that perception by bringing a new kind of job fair to the metro. Kalibrrate: Manila’s first job festival is set to happen on Wednesday, April 6 from 4-10pm, at Green Sun, SOMA Space, Makati. The resume-less job festival will give jobseekers and companies a fun-filled afternoon of food, games, and connecting.

Kalibrrate: Making the Job Hunt Fun in Manila’s First Job Festival! Kalibrr

The job market is a tough place to be right now and it’s getting more and more difficult for job seekers to get a foot through the door. Job fairs are supposed to be win-win events for companies to market themselves and for job seekers to get the ball rolling. However, job fairs have become mechanical mazes where aspiring applicants make their rounds with their resumes and for the most part, never hear back from companies. If they do, it’s with a referral to the company career page.

People think that job fairs are successful when the biggest companies decide to set up a booth. But the number of companies present does not guarantee that jobs will be produced, which is the ultimate goal of attending job seekers. Kalibrrate is not your typical job fair. Instead of resumes, calling cards, and formal pleasantries, there will be automatic applications, free food and drinks, games, and special surprises for participating companies and jobseekers.

Kalibrrate is making the job search easier and more fun for everyone. Job seekers can have actual conversations with participating companies and get to know them and their openings beyond the company websites. The job festival is also open to the public. All you need is to complete your Kalibrr profile and you will have access to  companies like Coca-cola, IDC Manpower Services, CBTL Holdings, and Beyond the Box, who will all be present at the festival. Our special media partner, WhenInManila.com will also be there to cover the event.

Kalibrrate is a one stop shop for your job applications. Premium companies will have dedicated signage for their job openings and, using their smartphones, candidates can instantly submit their applications by scanning unique QR codes for each opening. Kalibrr set out to disrupt the recruitment scene and judging by their take on the classic job fair, they’re doing just that.

Join the job seeking fun at Kalibrrate: Manila’s first job festival on April 6 at Green Sun, SOMA Space, Makati City.

Sign up for Kalibrrate: https://bit.ly/SignUpForKalibrratePR
For more information about Kalibrrate: www.facebook.com/events/238646866474136/
For more information about Kalibrr: www.kalibrr.com/about

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