Kalibrr-ate 2015: First Ever Graduate-Company Networking Night


With the end of March fast approaching, the season for job hunting begins. Graduates, thinking of success and celebration after finally finishing college, realize that an even bigger challenge awaits: employment. Countless Filipinos fall prey to unemployment and underemployment. These individual problems eventually snowball into the epidemic of a larger issue, reflected through the nation’s economy. This has been a long-time problem and the catalyst for the persistence of this nationwide disease is the lack of action. Yet, there is no such thing as a bad employee, only an employee that is unfit for the job.

Kalibrr (www.kalibrr.com) aims to proactively give a solution to this by creating an online jobseeking platform aimed to match job-seekers with work tailored for their skills, experiences, location, etc. With this product, companies are given opportunities to increase employee satisfaction and productivity, workforce quality, and company profitability.

The company will be launching and facilitating its first ever graduate-company networking night, Kalibrr-ate 2015, on March 24, 2015 at 55 Paseo de Roxas Avenue, Makati. Kalibrr puts an emphasis on finding the right jobs for everyone out there. For one whole night, promising graduates will get the rare opportunity to personally interact and mingle with most sought after companies.

This is the chance for the most promising students to learn more about the different distinguished companies that are invited from different sectors to allow the students to experience various job opportunities. Set in a comfortable and candid environment, Kalibrr-ate will allow the participants to enjoy the experience of the employment application processes that are usually met with worries and apprehensions.

Interested penultimate and graduating students are encouraged to join this event by bringing in their resumes and their school ID on the day itself.

Visit tinyurl.com/Kalibrr-ate2015 for more details.

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