Justin Bieber Shows Off Lion Tattoo In Instagram Post

Justin is at it again!

Who knew that from that wide-eyed, moppy-haired 14-year-old on Youtube, Justin Bieber would turn out to be quite the body art enthusiast? The 23-year-old singer just debuted a photo of his brand new ink on Instagram — a lion head across his pec.

The photo shows the Biebs in a casual selfie, shirtless and lying in bed, giving fans a good look at his newest tattoo, the latest feline addition to his extensive collection. It’s also not the first animal he’s had inked, such as the bear on the other side of his chest, as well as a spread-winged eagle across his abdomen. Just last week, Bieber showed off , when the lion was still not part of the picture. The slightly-askew crown that looks to top the lion’s mane has been a longstanding piece of ink, however.

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