CONFIRMED: Justin Bieber is Coming to Manila for His Purpose Tour

A lot of Filipinos wanted to experience the Purpose Tour in Manila – so much so that the phrase ‘We Want Purpose Tour Manila’ trended on Twitter in the Philippines as early as November 2015. And now, finally… FINALLY… it has been confirmed: JUSTIN BIEBER IS COMING TO MANILA FOR HIS PURPOSE TOUR!!!

Being a Belieber, I have waited so long for this! And I am completely ready for it, too, after hoarding a ton of Oxygen x Bieber items a few weeks back. :p You can’t really blame me, either, since the set lists that they have released online of Justin’s Purpose Tour look amazing with everyone’s Bieber favorites on them, including “Where Are U Now”, “Love Yourself”, “Boyfriend”, “Company”, “As Long As You Love Me”, “What Do You Mean”, “Sorry”, and yes, even “Baby”.

Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour will be held at the Philippine Arena on September 30, 2017. Ticket prices range from Php1,575 to Php17,850. More details on the poster:

Justin Bieber Purpose TourJustin Bieber Purpose Tour

If you’re as huge of a Belieber as I am, though, then you’ll probably do everything in your power to save up enough money for the best tickets available. Tickets go on sale as soon as July 9, though, so better save up quick!