Justin Bieber Attempts To Go Low-Key In Amsterdam With Funny Disguise

Could have fooled us, Biebs… not!

So Justin Bieber was in Amsterdam and in an attempt to avoid attention, Justin hid in a pretty weird costume — he sported a brown wig and a fake goatee.

Justin even wore a pair of aviators to top the look off!

But there’s no fooling Beliebers — or anyone with great eyesight, for that matter.

The get-up was so bad, that this one fan even stopped the singer for a quick photo op.

Photo of Justin Bieber with a fan in Amsterdam, Netherlands yesterday. (October 7)

A photo posted by Justin Bieber Crew (@jbcrewdotcom) on

The singer made headlines last August after he scolded his fans for spreading negative comments on his Instagram page following his budding romance with 18-year-old Sophia Richie, causing the actor to deactivate his Instagram account. The two have since broken up after only six weeks of dating.

Better luck next time, Justin!

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