Just Roll It: Not Your Ordinary Board Game. Win Real Money!

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As a kid, I was once a fan of Monopoly, a board game where I feel rich while young. Tracing back the time when technology didn’t consume people too much, board games were the favorite past time and bonding activity. Looking back, I’m wondering if this kind of game still exists.

And yes it does! It exists, but with a different touch that will surely make you roll, not in a board game but on your computer monitor!

While surfing the net, I stumbled upon this game tagged as “Just Roll It.” It is an online board game where you can buy properties or build a real estate empire. Think of it as an online Monopoly, but you get to travel the world and space! Out of curiosity, I tried playing it.

Before you’ll be able to play the game, you’ll need to download the game from their website first (try visiting www.JustRollit.ph), register an account, and voila! You’re ready to play the game.

As I went along the game, I had to choose my character. There are a lot of characters to choose from and each character has different abilities, and even stories, to help you win the game. Increasing your character’s level and equipping them with accessories will enhance their abilities. I chose Susie as my character (she’s such a cutie).

Like a typical board game, Just Roll It can be played by up to 4 players, either as individuals or in teams of 2. There are game rooms for you to join in order to play, but you can create your own if none is available. There are two maps you can choose from: Space Map and World Map.

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I chose World Map and was amazed that it includes our very own Boracay Island. World Map includes cities and beaches from around the world. You may purchase the land, and have the chance to build a villa, a building, a hotel, and even a landmark. Like in Monopoly, you also charge other players when they land on your property. However, you may take over your opponent’s space by buying it twice the cost. On Space Map, on the other hand, planets and constellations are present. And instead of landmarks, you establish a colony.

The game is challenging and exciting at the same time, but it has features that may either help you win or make you lose the game.

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First feature is the Fortune Cards. These cards allows the players to perform special actions depending on its description (cool!). Silver cards have both positive and negative effects. While Gold cards have positive effects and are used to attack or defend against your opponent. Use these wisely as they may lead you to your victory or downfall.

There’s also Special Spaces. Aside from the fortune cards, there are certain spaces on the board that may push you to victory or push you to losing. On the World Map, World Travel allows you to travel to whichever planet you want on your next turn. Spaceport is the Space Map counterpart. Dice World Cup or Grand Prix allows you to put a multiplier effect on a space you own. Deserted Island or Andromeda traps you in that space for the next 3 turns. But you may choose to pay the escape fee, use the escape card, or roll doubles to escape immediately. Tax and Planet Management Office requires you to pay a certain amount depending on your total assets.

You can also play Mini Game.  A game within a game! When you land on Las Vegas or Alien, you either flip a coin or guess which egg the alien is hiding in. These games help you increase your money. Once you win, you either take all your winnings and stop the mini game, or continue playing up to 3 rounds. But if you lose, the mini game automatically stops.

And the best feature of the game, the Dice! As always, the dice determines your fate throughout the game. Little tip: use the dice gauge (that’s the short bar you see on top of the roll button) to get better dice results.

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As a newbie on the game, it might be a quite challenging. But here are some tips to help you win: Do not buy every property you land on as this may lead to early bankruptcy. The main goal of the game is to make your opponent declare bankruptcy. However, there are three special winning conditions. First is the Line Victory, where you or your opponent have taken over one side of the board. Second is the Triple Victory, where you or your opponent have owned three places of different colors. Last is the Tourism Victory, where you or your opponent have owned 6 spots (4 islands/planets, 2 beaches/constellations). When you win a game, your reward will be based on what channel you’re in and what type of win.

But here’s the thing. You can be rich online and in real life just by playing Just Roll It. Players have the chance to win at least Php 1,000 daily from a monthly prize pool of Php 62,000. You can also qualify to join a weekly and monthly raffle over 3 months to win part of a total prize pool of Php 1,000, 000! Now that’s what technology can do!

Learn more about the game through this video:

Interested to play the game? Just head on over to www.JustRollit.ph now, download the game, and be rich! Remember if you want to be rich, Just Roll It!


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