Just some handy things I learned losing 20+kgs that you might benefit knowing

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Way back in 2016, I probably hit my heaviest. Iirc, I weighed about 78kgs back then. I just hated myself. However, I knew I had to change something.

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I thought putting a bag in front can hide my huge tummy LOL

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Twins hahahaha

I started running. Well, actually it was more like running a few minutes then walking the entire time around UP.

Fast-forward to today, I weigh around 55kgs. Take note, I’m about an inch or two shy of 5ft so the weight I’ve lost is quite significant. The journey wasn’t easy but it now has become enjoyable. I’m still scared that I might gain back all the weight I’ve lost that I sometimes beat myself up when I indulge but I’m still adjusting with things.

In this journey, I’ve learned some handy things that you might benefit knowing if you’re on the same journey as I am. It really is no rocket science, it is a good combination of working out and a good diet.

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  • Find a workout you enjoy. When I started working out, I started with running in UP.

    For some, this might be boring but for me, this is quite relaxing and meditative. I like that my mind gets so calm when I run. When I started, it was mostly walking two rounds of the oval. Now, I can do four rounds and run most of it. So, find something that you enjoy.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s biking around or lifting some dumbbells or just walking up and down the stairs as long as you keep moving.

  • Add a little variety to your workout routine. Of course, if you do the same thing over and over again, it can get boring. So, I joined a gym. I started joining group exercise to learn that I’m doing things right (because if you don’t, you’re setting yourself up to getting injured), meet people with the same fitness goals, and just be completely accountable that I exercise. I started with dance classes but they weren’t really my thing. So, I tried other classes. I fell in love with BodyCombat (mixed martial arts cardio workout) and BodyPump (group barbell workout). I really enjoyed these classes that even when I’m not in the mood, I feel bad when I miss attending them. It was easier to stick with workouts that are fun for me. I still run outdoors from time to time weekend but I exercise mostly in the gym.

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  • Surround yourself with friends who share the same fitness goals. It makes working out in and out of the gym a lot of fun. It is also easier to stick to a fitness routine and to your diet if you have friends who “bully” you when you get distracted.
  • A little crush goes a long way. Well, this might be unconventional or maybe it isn’t, I’m not sure. But in the gym, I tend not to compete with others but only with myself. I look at others to find inspiration rather than start a competition, and it works really well for me. Also, it is easier to force yourself to hit the gym when you see people who can make your heart pitter-patter. LOL.
  • Begin to go for healthy choices. When I eat out with friends, I still order the food I like. I still get that chicken but oftentimes I choose the roasted one over the fried one. Sometimes, I skip the rice for the salad, and it makes me feel a lot better after. If you have a choice to go a little healthier, do it because those small things will definitely add up.
  • Water is a significant part of the weight loss journey.

    When I was obese, I remember I can only drink a couple of glasses or even less every meal. My friends would even tell me to drink more back then. Now, I think I doubled my water intake probably because I sweat out more too. Still, sometimes drinking water can sometimes already solve the hunger that I feel because sometimes I’m just thirsty and not hungry. It is refreshing and it doesn’t have any calories.

  • Black coffee helps curb my hunger especially during IF. I used to drink sugary drinks before and I’ve given up virtually all of them. I still drink the occasional iced tea or soda every now and then, and I have a beer after an intense workout but that’s it. I do intermittent fasting (IF – 16:8) although not strictly but when I do, I drink pure black coffee when I’m hungry and I’m still not “allowed” to eat. I also drink it before an intense workout because it energizes me. Drinking coffee without any else also made me appreciate the beans more. If the beans are fresh, it is easy to drink them ground and with just hot water.
  • Learn to say no. Keep in mind that when someone offers you food, you can always say no. In the past, I used to always say yes to food offered to me because saying no made me feel like I was missing out. Moreover, I felt like I had to say yes all the time because I was doing whoever was offering the food a favor. Now, if I’m not hungry, I say no even if you’re offering a moist chocolate cake.

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  • Indulge every now and then. I cheat every now and then. Actually, I still eat almost anything – rice, pork, and beef although I prefer to have vegetables and fish. On days when I’m feeling down, I can eat a tub of ice cream but I don’t use it as an excuse to binge for a long time. I know when to stop but I think it is important to cheat every once in a while so you don’t feel restricted and go crazy about it.

So, here they are. Good luck to everyone who is also in the same fitness journey as I am. I hope you reach your goals soon! 🙂