Worst Airport in the World? Or Worst Passengers in the World?

Worst Airport in the World? Or Worst Passengers in the World? 

NAIA 3 trash(Photo credit: Ruffy B.)

We get tons and tons of complaints from everyone and their moms, about how we have the worst airport in the world…. 

Although we completely agree that our airport facilities should be improved, we also feel like each individual should take responsibility for themselves and clean up after themselves. If everyone did their small part, we can all help improve the world’s outlook towards our airport, and our country!  

If this photo is what just another day in NAIA 3 is like then it’s quite a sad sight to see. Many of us are unhappy of NAIA being on the list of the world’s worst airport, but if we don’t do our part even in as simple as taking care of your own trash, then it might be difficult for our airport to be out of that list soon.

A netizen who posted this photo recently on Facebook and captioned it as follows.

Saw this at NAIA 3 departure terminal, where passengers simply dropped their trash where they sat.

If only they had done their patriotic duty to throw the trash in the trash bin….

There are many things that could have been done to prevent this from happening. For responsible travelers, it shouldn’t be too much trouble to take care of your own trash instead of just dropping it on the floor.

Here are three things that could have been done.

1. Walk a few steps to a nearby trash can and put the trash there.

2. If there is no nearby trash can, walking a little bit further to search for one is not a lot of trouble, I suppose.

3. If there is no trash can anywhere in the area, bring the trash with you on the airplane and give it to the stewardess when they collect the trash so they can dispose it properly.

Are any of these really difficult to do?

Hopefully, we become more caring of our surroundings.

What do you think of this photo?

What else can you suggest to prevent this from happening again?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Just Another Day in NAIA 3? When Passengers Fly, Something Gets Left Behind

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