Just 11 Hilarious “He Protec, He Attac” Tweets To Brighten Up Your Day

I honestly have no idea how and why certain memes go viral, but it’s quite entertaining to see even the weirdest ones blow up on the internet.

If you’ve been lurking around social media for the past few weeks, then you probably witnessed the birth of a new meme: the “He protec, he attac” meme. It hardly makes any sense but it’s also so weirdly funny (or maybe it’s just because I have a weird sense of humor).

It’s pretty hard to explain, so I’m just going to let you figure it out for yourselves as I’ve rounded up some of the funniest tweets about this meme.

Get ready for a whole lot of weird funnies, because with Pinoy humor, there’s bound to be one for every occasion:

11. This one featuring Angelica Panganiban’s return to the young and beautiful.


10. This one for when there’s just a lot going on in life.

9. This one that just got real.

8. This one featuring Bruno Mars (who’s coming to the Philippines, btw!!!)

7. This one featuring another meme that went viral several months ago.

6. This one that’s basically every student ever.

5. This one featuring a dance craze most of us actually did in the years we’d rather forget.

4. This one that got creative with commercials.


3. This one that’s basically all of our moms.

2. This one that’s all of us at a fast food chain.


1. This one that’s basically our childhoods.


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