Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants – PSBA Manila to hold the Accountancy Week 2021

The Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants-PSBA Manila is set to hold Accountancy Week 2021 with the theme “Going Beyond: Investing with the Goal of Excellence” on November 15-21, 2021.


Accountancy Week 2021 is a 5-day academic event that will showcase the intelligence, skills, and creativity of accounting students, which comprises of the following: Intra School Accounting Quiz Bee (ISAQ), Accounting Seminars, Battle for Excellence, and Team Building. Furthermore, these activities aim to: 1) recognize the excellence of the students in accounting subjects and foster relationships among them; 2) educate the students in relation to investments and mental health, and 3) strengthen the camaraderie among them.

The first activity (Battle for Excellence) is set to happen on November 15 exclusively for all NSTP students who have a talent for poster making and spoken poetry. The Intra School Accounting Quiz Bee (ISAQ), an annual competition of brains and wits, is the second event of the accountancy week moving forward on November 19. It will be joined by 1st year to 4th year accounting students. The third event is the Accounting Seminars, which comprises topics about financial literacy and mental health awareness partnered with other JPIA local chapters within Metro Manila. This event aims to educate students about investments and raise awareness regarding mental health. And lastly, the team building is an event exclusive to all members of JPIA showcasing their strengths and weaknesses in a team work.

The school organization has partnered with companies in the realization of its objectives. The profit generated from these events will be used in our annual outreach program.