Jung Hae-in Gushes About BTS, ‘Goblin’, and More

Jung Hae-in fans were in for a real treat this weekend as the Korean star came to the Philippines to meet and even serenade his fans. Before his fan meet, we were also able to attend his press con where the media asked him several questions that I’m sure a lot of you have been dying to ask him yourself:

What does he think of his Filipino fans?

To our surprise, Jung Hae-in says that he thinks Filipino fans are shy. However, he also points out that he has noticed how warm, nice, and approachable his Filipino fans are, and that our smiles make him smile. Awww. He also shared that he was looking forward to showcasing his singing skills at the fan meet at the New Frontier Theater. Check out the photos from his fan meet here.

Jung Hae In Presscon 22

What does he want to do in the Philippines?

Jung Hae-in shares that he wants to go to Cebu and Boracay someday. Sadly, his schedule this time around did not permit his dreams of traveling around the Philippines.

What music does he listen to?

When asked what kind of music he listens to, Jung Hae-in answers ‘BTS’ without hesitation! As with many other ARMYs out there, he says that BTS’ music is healing for him.

Jung Hae In Presscon 11

What is his most memorable role?

Jung Hae-in says that his most memorable role was his character in ‘One Spring Night’. However, he also shares that his cameo in ‘Goblin’ was very memorable since he was able to work with Kim Go-eun, who is now his leading lady in the movie ‘Tune In for Love’. “‘Goblin’ was surreal,” he gushes. He also says that meeting and working with Gong Yoo was very memorable.

On a personal level, though, Jung Hae-in says that his role in ‘Something in the Rain’ as Seo Joon-hee really resonated with him. “He knows how to love someone and how to have love in his life,” he explains.

Jung Hae In Presscon 9

What is his dream role?

Thinking back on his roles, Jung Hae-in realized that he has never portrayed a CEO or an executive in a company before, and claims he would love to be one in an upcoming KDrama. For now, though, he urges us to look forward to his new movie about youth called ‘Start’, where he plays the role of Sang-pil. We can’t wait to see more of Jung Hae-in on-screen and hopefully once again in the Philippines!

Special thanks to Wilbros Live for inviting us to his press con last weekend.