Jumpstart Your 2018 with Curated Workshops from The Workroom MNL

Article by Gleeselle Rosales / Photos by Katrina Mae Meguizo

Ever want to learn something new but never get the chance to try it? Do you keep a board of DIYs on Pinterest? Are you looking for a platform to share your passion projects?

What better way to get a headstart on all your nifty and crafty ventures for 2018 than to learn and bond with a community of skill-sharers? You can count on The Workroom MNL for curated workshops about – literally – anything under the sun! Some organized collaborations in the past include Studio Photography with Franz Weber, The Basics of Bartending with Matt Carpio, and what we tried, Basic Macramé with Simple Sentiments!

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Founded by crafty besties Cherisse Yao and Cathleen Kim, The Workroom MNL is a community that promotes skill-sharing or exchanging the whats and hows of a hobby, expertise, or idea with a group of people. Mastered a baking recipe? Share it with us! Like to know how to play the guitar? The Workroom MNL has got you covered! It’s for everyone out there who has always wanted to learn through teaching.

Skill-sharing is not something new, but could be given more support through hobbyists that want to impart their knowledge to a group of people. The Workroom MNL founders Cherrise and Cathleen want to tap into the creative side of everyone and encourage them to share and gain experience in things you’ve been meaning to try out for the longest time!

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So,  if 1) you have a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude for learning, 2) you have a passion that you want to share to an intimate group of people, 3) you want to finally make it happen; then lucky you – you might want to try a class or two!

Here’s what a day with The Workroom MNL looks like! Get on and get crafty! #WRMMNL

Founders of The Workroom MNL Cherisse and Cathleen

Participants learn the ropes of basic knot-tying

With our Macramé masterpieces. See you at the next class!

For 2018, the possibilities are endless with more basic-level workshops coming your way. So, get your tools and tricks ready for sessions worth learning and bonding with The Workroom MNL!

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