LOOK: This is Why Julia Barretto Chose to Move Into New Home Just Beside Mom’s

Julia Barretto is preparing to move into her new home which she shares is just “few steps away” from mom Marjorie Barretto’s place.

Julia took to Instagram to explain why she doesn’t seem to mind living close to her mom.

“People often find it weird and usually ask me, ‘why?’ and I simply answer, ‘why not?'” she said in her post. “My mom is my bestest friend and my number one source of strength. Even though she has raised me to be independent and brave, I still don’t see any reason why I should be far away from her.”

She also wasn’t afraid to admit that she still needs Marjorie to help guide her through this new chapter of her life.

Sa totoo lang, kailangan ko parin siya,” she continued, before adding in jest: “At least, I still get to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at her place. Makakatipid parin ako sa ulam at kanin. Sorry mom.”

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Would you also want to live close to your parents when moving out? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Header image from Instagram.com/marjbarretto