JSEC Challenge

John Gokongwei Student Entrepreneur Center (JSEC) in Ateneo is one of the ideal platforms where students can hone their passion and skills in entrepreneurship. This is where students can get the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of running their own government registered business by managing their own food stall for the whole school year.

Before these students can get to run their own food stall for a whole school year, they need to participate in a competition called JSEC Challenge, which is hosted annually by the Ateneo Management Association. JSEC Challenge is a three-phase project with each phase being a week long. It serves as an avenue for aspiring entrepreneurs to engage in business activities in the form of a food stall competition.

During the challenge, guest judges, who are usually chefs from different restaurants and schools, and student and professor judges are invited to rate the dishes of these students. During the whole week of JSEC Challenge, students can also get to vote for their favorite stall through the JSEC Select booth. All in all, these people can affect the chances of the participating stalls in qualifying to be in JSEC for the next school year.

Now on its Third Phase, JSEC Challenge, in partnership with When in Manila, is ready to bring the heat back to the streets! The competition will be held on April 16 until April 21 at the Red Brick Road in Ateneo De Manila University. The stalls are prepared for battle!

Get those taste buds ready everyone and we’ll see you there!

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