JPCS Amazing Race: Survivor Challenge (Summer Edition)

The summer season has been one of the most-awaited periods of every student. Not only can you get a break from all the load of projects and exams and homeworks, but it is also the time we get to relax and have fun.

This summer, the Junior Philippine Computer Society (JPCS) Mapua University Chapter is about to experience the most memorable summer yet.

JPCS-MU holds an annual Amazing Race challenge inspired from a TV show of the same name where members and applicants get to build a stronger camaraderie while having a great time with each other as everyone unwind from books and school works. This year, we have chosen a theme that greatly complements the season of heat and fun—a beach-cove adventure of exciting challenges, Survivor Challenge 2018.

            Amazing Race: Survivor Challenge 2018 will be held on March 24-25, 2018 at Among Pulo Cove Morong, Bataan, exclusive to approximately 90 participants. It features beach surrounded by cove of greens that complements the summer heat with cool breeze and homey feel.

            Calling all JPCS members, alumni and applicants! Register now and feel free to visit us in the JPCS domicile or call:

            Chile Marie S. Santiago (JPCS Sports and Recreational Committee Head)             09475181722

            Ariane Jake Estrada (JPCS Sports and Recreational Committee Head)                  09999961814

JPCS-MU also continues to aspire to be an excellent academic organizations as we conduct more future events, workshops, and seminars. Some of these are:

  • Hackathon: HackReality 2018
    • 48-hour straight output-based invention competition, whose goal is to have people explore the development of solutions using AR/VR technologies.
    • For more information contact Didric Kirsten Ferrer (Marketing Head, HackReality 2018; External Vice President, JPCS-MU)
  • JPCS Week
    • A fun-filled week with action-packed activities that will cater Electronics, Electrical and Computer Engineering students.
  • 4th Quarter AY1718
  • Telco101 –  Telecommunications seminar held by a Mapua alumnus, Christer Jalbuena.
  • Samsung Algorithm Challenge (University Edition) –
    • A competition (with workshop beforehand) that aims to promote the importance of data structure and algorithms as foundation of software development.
    • Date TBA
    • For more details contact Mayrien Joy M. Tolentino (Project Committee Head, JPCS-MU) – 0955 968 8400 or Raphael D. Ansino (Project Committee Head, JPCS-MU) – 0905 285 1062

**This event is in partnership with Accenture. Also brought to you by Toolkit( Pagcor ( Delimondo ( and Coron Hilltop View Resort.

** Poster by Earle Kit M. Sanchez and Kit Viola

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