JPCS Amazing Race 2017 (Ghost Bomber – The Unsolved Crime Mystery: JPeepz Edition)


Who doesn’t love a little mystery to spice up their whole college life? It takes one fun-filled day to forget about everything – deadlines, homeworks, projects, prototypes and the whole class if you must!

That’s why the Junior Philippine Computer Society – MIT Chapter, an organization for the EECE community, MAS, IT and CS students of Mapúa, headed by their President, Elwin Joseph Palamara and their Amusement and Recreational Committee Heads, Didric Kirsten Ferrer and Tracymhil Cabrera, planned one amazing day for its members, alumni and aspiring members, with the guidance of our beloved advisers, Engr. Charmaine Paglinawan and Engr. Dionis Padilla.

THE AMAZING RACE 2017 is an annual event inspired by the American reality competition show. This year’s theme would comprise of 8 teams that will race to find out the identity of the mystery bomber who is about to blow up one of the places in the city of Manila. The first team to identify the bomber and reach the place where the bomb has been planted wins the race and saves the place!

Like all other races, there must be a starting point. The clues will all start in the home of our well-known school, Intramuros. There will be five pairs of marshals, in this case, the bargainers that will station around manila to give a riddle, a challenge or a bargain to get their clue and move one step closer to identifying the bomber.

To join the race, there is a registration fee of 500 pesos for the members and alumni and 600 pesos for the aspiring members. And for an amazing event such as this, it wouldn’t be as great without the event sponsors: Uber, San Miguel Corp., Unilever and their dearest alumni.

Of course, the day wouldn’t end with the winners going home empty handed with nothing but their bragging rights as prizes but also a whopping 4,000 pesos for the team that wins the race!  2,500 pesos for the 2nd place winner and 1,500 pesos for the 3rd place winner. But at the end of the day, everyone is a winner for giving the best they’ve got! What matters most is the camaraderie, the bonding, the enjoyment and the tiring but amazing feeling of joining an event that they will never forget. As all good things come to an end, Mapúans will go back to chasing deadlines and finishing projects to be the best engineers, artists, and programmers that they can be!

So, what are you guys waiting for? Calling all JPCS members, alumni, and aspiring members,


March 26, 2017

And join us as we explore the city of MANILA!

We hope to see you all there!

Five pairs of Marshals

Josh Mendoza & Didric Ferrer

Jamine Reyes & Kristine Abrina

Lance Ruz & Claudette de Pano

Gemiel Suarez &D ayneBatiancila

Joanne Chichoco & Kim Santuyo


President: Palamara, Elwin Joseph T.

Internal Vice President: Ruz, Lance Cymer N

External Vice President:Reyes, Jasmine Raxelle S.

EECE Representative: Abrina, Kristine Mae R.

COO Representative: Sanchez, Earle Kit M.

Secretary: Merin, Juan Carlos

Treasurer: Batiancila, AbemaelDayne P.

Auditor: Suarez, Germiel M.


Sports & Recreational Committee Head

Cabrera, Tracymhil D.

Ferrer, Didric Kirsten

Property and Control Committee Head

Morelos, Sherwin Dan P.

Vinuya, Daryll Harold C.

Project Committee Head

Chichoco, Joanne Gem Z.

Santuyo, Kimberly Joy M.

Information Committee Head

Cagalingan, Miriam M

Zaldarriaga, Corleone Jorel G.

Membership Committee Head

Merina, Juan Paolo M.

Florendo, Jan Jascha C.

Advisers: Engr. Charmaine Paglinawan and Engr. Dionis Padilla.


Credits (Event Poster): Casey L. Tanedo

Email her if you want murals, digital art,painting,sculpture, or message her on

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