Here’s the Real Reason Behind That Kilig Moment Between Joshua Garcia and Jane De Leon at the ABS-CBN Christmas Special

Fans and viewers couldn’t hold in their kilig upon seeing how close Jane De Leon and Joshua Garcia were during that closing number at the ABS-CBN Christmas Special which was live-telecasted on Saturday evening, December 18. As seen on the screenshots below, Jane was spotted behind Joshua (whom she was earlier standing next to) and had her arm wrapped around his shoulders as if holding him really close.

Fans of the tandem zeroed in on the moment and kept gushing over how sweet the two were during that performance. But Jane eventually explained the real reason behind it.

joshua garcia jane de leon wardrobe

In a tweet, Jane had expressed her thanks to her “Darna: The TV Series” costar Joshua for apparently helping her conceal her wardrobe malfunction which had been the real purpose of her going behind him onstage and hugging him from behind. Upon closer inspection of the screenshots, you could see how Jane kept her hand over the right part of her dress.

“Thank you @iamjoshuagarcia for helping me cover my wardrobe malfunction!” Jane said.

Many fans then complimented Joshua for being such a gentleman and expressed their excitement for the upcoming “Darna” series where the two are expected to become onscreen lovers.

“Darna” The TV Series” will premiere in 2022.

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