Josh Brolin Will Play Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’

While there were talks that Pierce Brosnan might take the role – and even Brad Pitt! – it has now been revealed that Josh Brolin will be playing the role of Cable in the upcoming sequel to Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Deadpool’. Yes, that’s the same Josh Brolin who plays Thanos in The Avengers movies. In the comic books, Cable is Scott Summers’ son from the future. Yes, that’s Scott Summers from The X-Men. Confusing? Well, we don’t know if they’ll be following that storyline yet or if they’ll ever merge the X-Men with Deadpool, but a girl can dream. :p

‘Deadpool 2’ is set to start production this June and will be directed by David Leitch. Of course, Ryan Reynolds will be back as ‘Deadpool’ (honestly, I can’t really imagine anyone else in the role right now) and more characters will be added to the movie. Cable aside, Zazie Beetz has also been cast as Domino. Are you excited for this movie? 🙂

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