Filipino Singer-Songwriter Jose Miguel to Release New Tracks This December

When you hear artists like Dean Martin and Elvis Presley, it almost automatically equates to music of the past. It is uncommon to hear their music on mainstream media today, let alone have today’s generation be familiar with them. 

Jose Miguel is keen to shift that. 

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Photo: Ralph Mendo

While he has dabbled with different genres in the early stages of his career, he always had a strong inclination to jazz, folk, and big band music—the tunes of the golden age as some would like to call it. True enough, he discovered these old-fashioned tunes through his grandfather. 

Set to reintroduce the sounds and melodies of yesteryears back into the spotlight, Jose Miguel is redefining the smooth, suave, and sophisticated energy to appeal to today’s generation of listeners. 

Here’s what you can expect from his first doubles release, Is This Love? consisting of two songs: Love Is You and Free

Love Is You revolves around themes of love and longing. It’s like seeing someone for the first time in a random place, fantasizing that maybe she could be “the one,” but in reality you’re just two lonely people, together in the same space. Overall, the song explores the complex and emotional journey of the possibility of falling in love. 

On the other hand, Free is an invitation to a glamorous and high-spirited night out. The tone is a blend of sophistication and charm, with an emphasis on a respectful and suave approach to asking someone out. There’s a theme of encouraging spontaneity and letting go of self-judgment, suggesting that the song promotes the idea of taking a chance without overthinking. 

Is This Love? was released on November 24 and will be made available on all streaming platforms. Check it out by clicking this link. The second doubles, with two brand new songs, is set to be released on December 15. 

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