Jonah Hill is Our New Ultimate Fitspiration!!!

Losing weight isn’t easy. I should know. I struggled with obesity once upon a time and it took becoming a mom and wanting to be strong enough to carry my daughter and healthy enough to live a long life beside her to actually do something about my weight and get into shape.

For celebrities, weight loss usually comes with a new role but in Jonah Hill’s case, it seems he just lost weight to get in better shape after packing on the pounds for his role in ‘War Dogs’. You know Jonah Hill, right? In case his name just rings a bell, but you don’t really remember him well enough, here’s what he looked like in ‘Superbad’ back in 2007:

Jonah Hill Superbad

Can you believe this movie came out a decade ago?

And this is him six years later in ‘This is the End’:

Jonah Hill This is the End

And in ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ a year later:

Jonah Hill Wolf of Wall Street

Even for his role as an undercover cop in the Jump Street movies, Jonah still had some weight on him:

Jonah Hill 21 Jump Street

So, imagine our utter surprise when photos of him emerged recently sporting a much slimmer bod. In fact, he was almost completely unrecognisable. Check it out:

Jonah Hill 2017 Weight Loss

Jonah Hill Weight Loss 2017 2

Jonah Hill Weight Loss 2017 3

More than looking great, though, Jonah’s fans have been expressing how inspiring and motivating his weight loss is for them. Naturally, it wasn’t easy, though. Jonah shares that he went to a nutritionist, followed a diet and trained – which just goes to show that health and fitness require legit commitment and hard work. Either way, Jonah looks great and we commend him for it!


What about you? Who’s your current fitspiration?