Jojo Live in Manila! EXCLUSIVE Hotel Room Interview



Are you guys ready for the Then & Now Massive Music Festival?!?!!?

This concert event promises to be one of the biggest music festivals in the Philippines with tons of international artists all eager to perform for the Filipino crowd. SWV, Frankie J, PM Dawn, Diana King, Baby Bash, Jojo and MORE!

History is about to unfold! Be sure to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime massive music event!

Did I mention all the international talents that are going to be there? Like Jojo?

Oh and speaking of Jojo

Thanks to our friends from the Divan Media Group, I, Vince Golangco, was able to get an EXCLUSIVE (and I mean like EXCLUSIVE me-and-Jojo-one-on-one-in-hotel-room-EXCLUSIVE) interview with the beautiful (and now legal…. I checked) Jojo!


Jojo was AWESOME! She was very nice and had a great sense of humor! We asked her questions about crazy things like trying Balut and Bad Words in Filipino (Tagalog). We added on conversations about baby oil, snakes, tattoos, peircings and Wolverine. She was a great sport and also indulged us with a hidden talent on camera as requested by one of her fans. YOU HAVE TO SEE THAT ONE! Jojo’s hidden talent is FREAKY!


Oh and thanks to all the fans from Mellow 94.7 who were listening to me (djVinceG) on my radio show, “The G-Spot” that Saturday morning and who sent in their questions that they wanted me to ask Jojo. I tried to ask most and we fit in as much as we could into Jojo’s busy schedule.


Also check out Hannah’s blog ( and look out for her update on thoughts about that interview coz she was there too.


Anywayz, do remember that When In Manila, you need to come to the Then & Now Massive Music Festival on May 15, 2010 to see all your favorite international artists like Jojo, SWV, Frankie J, PM Dawn, Baby Bash, Diana King and more! Oh and do support Jojo and her upcoming new album! Watch out for Jojo to try some Balut the next time she comes to the Philippines too!


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The Then & Now Massive Music Festival will be held on May 15, 2010 at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds at 8pm. Tickets are available at all TicketNet and TicketWorld outlets. More info on


****P.S. WIN FREE Tickets to see JoJo when she comes back to Manila –




Jojo Live in Manila Philippines! EXCLUSIVE Hotel Room Interview with Vince Golangco

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